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the Best Central Phoenix Realtor

I want to first let you know that that you destroyed every negative stereotype that I ever had about real estate agents.   Never ONCE did I ever feel like you weren’t looking out for my family’s best interests.  There were so many times when we had to make tough decisions and when I needed your opinion, it always felt like you were thinking about US first.

James Goyhenetche

Selected Solds

1001 Fortune Way
5229 Lockhaven Ave
3815 Franklin Ave
2308 Loy Lane
1025 N. Kings Rd
5804 Burwood Ave
3434 Waverly Dr
4230 Colfax Ave
476 Wren Dr
1203 Del Rey Ave
1347 McCollum St
802 Magnolia St
3918 De Longpre Ave
6225 Saylin Lane
2034 N. New Hampshire Ave
1463 Morton Pl
1030 W. Edgeware Rd
2351 Landa St
5904 Locksley Pl
2586 Corralitas Dr
8517 Appian Way
1131 N. Alta Loma Dr
4131 Alla Rd
1635 S. Norton Ave
5131 N. Maywood Ave
8201 Winsford Ave
1615 N. Curson Ave
4641 Palmero Dr
3804 Mound View Ave
6014 Hillandale Dr
1514 Sanborn Ave
1516 Ewing St
3783 Effingham Pl
2732 Auburn St
8650 Gulana Ave
6345 Ranchito Ave
323 N. Norton Ave
2952 Valle Vista Dr
1910 Addison Way
3353 Rowena Ave
2052 Mayview Dr
2281 India St
1124 E. Chestnut St
807 Maltman Ave
4506 Alumni Ave
285 Palisade St
538 E. Cypress St
1260 Euclid Ave
953 El Paso Dr
1320 N. Hoover St
4418 Ellenwood Dr
4351 Gladden Pl
5122 Caspar Ave
4295 Via Arbolada

I believe that when we consistently put our clients’ needs first, success follows.

I never forget that I, too, have been a buyer and a seller and wanted to feel as if my agent was my partner, my advocate, and not my salesperson.


Every communication is responded to within a couple of hours. If we don’t have an answer immediately, we’ll still respond. Poor communication and a lack of timely follow up really (really) bothered us when we were under contract on our own homes.


Yes, we’re self-employed and can technically get a massage whenever we want. But we view our clients as our boss, and we are there when you need us.

Support, Not Sales

Our focus is on your experience, not on the sale. We feel personally connected to every house we sell and if you’re not happy and comfortable, neither are we.

We Make an Effort to Really Get You, Whoever You Are

Clients tell us over and over again how quickly we were able to hone in on the right fit for them and cut out a lot of wasted time spent looking at the wrong house in the wrong neighborhood.

Design Savvy

We have a highly developed appreciation for good design, both old and new, and are well versed in the features of different architectural styles throughout the Valley. Butterfly roofs or Spanish tile? We understand the benefits and drawbacks of both.

The Best Network of Resources

No matter what stage of the process we’re in, we have a tried and tested roster of experts who are the best at what they do. This includes the best mortgage lenders in Phoenix, the best home inspectors, the best plumbers, home stagers, and architectural photographers. People like working with us, and that matters when you need an assist.

Targeted, Not Mass, Marketing

Every home has an ideal match. If you’re a seller, we know how to tailor your home’s marketing to our target buyer. Sometimes it’s as simple as networking, but usually success comes from a carefully curated recipe of focused exposure, creativity, accessibility, and a deep knowledge of the existing inventory.

If you’re a home buyer, finding your perfect fit might require more than just searching the MLS now and then like your typical agent. We network and utilize knowledge of the neighborhoods we do business in to find homes that may not currently be on the market.

Efficient and Proactive Transaction Management

Our transaction coordinator is a vital member of our team and ensures that all of the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed before the 11th hour. We take deadlines seriously and work to anticipate potential challenges rather than simply respond to them.

Clients Say We’re Really Fun and Easy to Work With

But don’t just take our word for it—see what they have to say here. For many of you, buying or selling your home is a milestone and not just a transaction. If we can make the process memorable for the right reasons and not the stressful ones, then we’ve done our job.

Above All, We’re Honest

We have no secrets and enjoy treating our clients as partners on a mission. If you’re interested, we will tell you how real estate commissions work, what any home last sold for, if a renovation was done well, and if there is a biker bar about to open around the corner. Our goal is not to make the sale, but to have you recommend us to everyone you know. And that only happens by being real.



I began my real estate career nearly 20 years ago in the intensely competitive Los Angeles market, where I was able to develop the skills of negotiation, strategy, resourcefulness, and, perhaps most important, commitment to my clients.

With a Master’s degree in Social Work, I have always been an empathic “helper” and deeply focused on advocacy for others. To be able to combine this training with my love for all things home is a great privilege!

Infinitely proud to have been honored with multiple “Best Of” and industry performance recognitions, I have also been one of a select group of local agents featured in Los Angeles Magazine for exceptional customer service, integrity, market knowledge, negotiation skills, and overall satisfaction of past clients.

I relocated to Phoenix from LA’s equivalent of the historic Coronado District with the goal of bringing my real estate expertise and passion for good design to the desert. My clients are often those who value architecture and design—whether it be a Craftsman bungalow, a modern architectural, or a Haver— and the diverse, close-knit neighborhoods of Central Phoenix.

I am a member in good standing of the Phoenix Association of Realtors, Arizona Association of Realtors, and the National Association of Realtors, which means that I steadfastly abide by the Code of Ethics governing our industry’s conduct.  Outside of real estate, I pursue a passion for historic preservation and am a longtime supporter of animal welfare organizations.

If you prefer brick to stucco, terrazzo to granite, and a wood-beamed ceiling makes your heart skip a beat, we’re going to be a great fit. I can’t wait to earn your business.



Senior Cuddle Specialist

Dora hails from the West Valley animal shelter and has an extensive background in the procurement of belly rubs. She keeps us grounded and reminds us every day that the best house is the house where your loved ones are.

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