Making Home Happen: Real Estate From Central Phoenix’s Historic Districts to North CentralBiltmore & Arcadia

We are so grateful to our 100+ clients for allowing us to be such an integral part of this very important milestone in their lives.

Serving as your advocate throughout the purchase or sale of your home is a privilege as well as a great responsibility, and we honor the trust you have placed in us in all that we do!

Having bought and sold three houses in the past nine years would have left us PLENTY of opportunity to change real estate agents. But with Elise we would never think to do so! She cared about getting to understand our tastes and needs right from the get-go, which meant not wasting our time sending us to properties we had no interest in. There would be SOME reason why she thought we should at least take a look at a prospective house, and she was always right. Elise is super knowledgeable about all the steps in the (nerve-wracking) process of buying and selling residential real estate, and she’s a perfect mix of having a kind-yet-tough, no B.S. approach to her business. Plus, I’ve yet to know a more conscientious communicator; rarely do more than a few minutes pass before Elise returns a phone call or email!

– Jessica & Henry Myers

Dear Elise,

I want to first let you know that that you destroyed every negative stereotype that I ever had about real estate agents.   Never ONCE did I ever feel like you weren’t looking out for my family’s best interests.  There were so many times when we had to make tough decisions and when I needed your opinion, it always felt like you were thinking about US first.  On top of that, you made me realize that a real estate agent CAN make a difference in selling a home for a better price and buying a home for a better deal.   Everything I invested in you came back to me in equal value.  (And with the amount of phone calls, time, and attention I required from you, I know I got the better end of the deal!)

You didn’t just sell our house for $20,000 over asking price; you also beat out our competition in the neighborhood. There’s no way I could have gotten such a high selling price with any other agent.   And I know all this was possible because of all the hard work you put in and the very few, but very smart home improvements you recommended to touch up our house.

When it came time to buying our beautiful new home, it was all thanks to your timing and determination (and swagger).  The day our new house was listed, you got us in to see it immediately (a whole week before there was even an open house).  I am so appreciative that you made that time for us because it made all the difference in the world.  And when we told you we had found our dream home and we were ready to put in a bid, you made phone calls that night to get the listing agent to accept our offer the next day.   In the craziness of today’s market, we didn’t have to compete with anyone!

You are sweet as candy, as sharp as a tack, and when we needed it…you were as cunning as a shark.  Thank you for making a difference in my family’s life for the better.  Jessica, Jaden, and I will always be appreciative for what you were able to accomplish for us!  We are forever grateful for our newest member of the family!

James Goyhenetche


I could not recommend Elise more highly. She was at our service whenever we had questions or concerns. She has a great understanding of the local market and had our back through the entire process.

– Amy & Evan Robb

Elise cared more about us than about a commission. I recommend her without hesitation and hope to work with her on another house one day.

– John Reagan

Elise helped me find a duplex. She is so knowledgeable about the area and what I found so refreshing – she never pushed us to move on something we were unsure about which so often happens if you are in a bidding war. She was very forthcoming about her opinions after taking time to have a good understanding of what was right for us, which often meant she wouldn’t get “the sale” but that’s what she is about – and that’s why I recommend her! We looked at lots of places – and she was also a lot of fun to be with, so it was a win-win. GO ELISE!

Sandie Kimberling

Any real estate transaction has different twists and turns, but Elise was able to stay in front of every potential issue and kept me advised of any problems before they happened. She explained everything to me and helped me in many ways. At a time when a road map is necessary, Elise was there with easy-to-understand answers. She was on top of every piece of the negotiation and I am so happy that I picked her.

Scott Akasaki

Elise was my good luck charm. She is very attentive, always responding quickly to my questions via email or by phone (usually within the hour!). She is extremely knowledgeable and well-connected in the neighborhood, so when I needed a plumber, roofer, inspector, new loan officer, etc. she always knew someone she could refer me to. Elise became a good friend through the entire process. When my best friend and her family began looking for a new home, I sent them to Elise, and she was a good luck charm for them also, as they just moved into their first home thanks to her efforts!

Amy Turner

Elise is very kind and patient – also really perceptive about people’s tastes and interests. Even after just meeting her she seemed to have a very accurate sense of what type of place might appeal to us. And once we settled on the neighborhood, she was more than willing to accompany us on a series of visits that fit into my wife’s and my admittedly bizarre schedule. She even arranged several advance previews of properties which were not yet on the market publicly. We made a few offers on a short sale property and subsequently gave up waiting for the seller’s bank to move forward with the transaction – as I’m told often happens. A month or so later we found a (traditional sale) property that is absolutely an A+ for us. There were over twenty offers and quite a few counteroffers, so it was really down to the wire. Throughout all this drama, Elise did a fantastic job explaining the procedure to us novices and kept the process as stress-free as could be expected. Elise is a great agent and we couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Joe & Tomo Stevens

Elise is great! She listened to what we wanted, did all the legwork for us, and found the perfect house. And she’s a pleasure to work with.

Kim Tyler

As a longtime renter, I have called upon Elise on several occasions to help me find potential homes to suit my very particular tastes. Even though I performed what I thought was a rather exhaustive search myself, Elise was able to find places that I would have been completely unaware of otherwise. She was also invaluable in recommending neighborhoods based on her extensive knowledge. In a sugar-coated world, her frank and humorous candor is refreshing. So whenever a friend or colleague is looking to buy or sell a house, it is Elise that I always recommend.

Salvatore Salamone

Elise was AWESOME!!! She was very professional and always had our best interests in mind. She was very informed and patient as she helped us navigate through the stressful homebuying process!

Allison Dean & Scott Graham

We are moments away from closing on our house and Elise has been by our side the whole process – which took many tours, lots of emails, and 5 offers since July to finally get the right one, and it’s a great house. We always felt that she was in it for us and helped us every step of the way. I highly recommend her and I know you won’t be disappointed.

Kim & Ryan Posly

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